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Tim Cook, Making Apple His Own

I was hoping Tim would find his own voice

Online and Offline Business

While the company’s enthusiasts impatiently await new wizardry, the new chief executive is trying to make the brand bigger than the next big iThing.

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Perennial Favorites: 4.5 Steps to Busting Bloggers’ Block

I think all writers have blocks, action is a good thing

The Daily Post

Blogging can be hard sometimes. There are days when you have a hundred ideas buzzing in your head, but can’t find an opening sentence. Or moments when you’re all pumped to write your Next Great Post, but feel uninspired the second you turn on the laptop. If you’re participating in our Blogging U. Writing 101 challenge, now at its halfway point, you may have hit a similar bump (or two) along the way. In this Daily Post classic published a year ago, Michelle guides blocked bloggers through these moments of crisis.

A blank page can be daunting — as can a blank screen. One of the biggest blogging challenges is also one of blogging’s most fundamental elements: what do you write about? Even bloggers who get off to a great start hit a wall at some point, watching days slip by with no new post. Sometimes, life just gets in…

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Five Fixes to Clean Up Your Posts

The Daily Post

While we offer tips for storytelling, social media strategy, and more, it’s important to point out quick fixes on the most basic level — such as common phrases to avoid. Below, we’ve rounded up five examples — from posting habits to customization choices — to watch for on your blogs.

1. Not linking your text

Take a look at this passage:

At my previous job in animation, I worked alongside talented compositors. (You can read about compositors here:

In your dashboard editor, you can link text in your post with the Link button, so there’s no reason to drop entire URLs into your post, as shown above. In a cleaner approach, use the Link tool to link a piece of text:

At my previous job in animation, I worked alongside talented compositors.

You also don’t have to tell your reader to “click on the link to learn more” (which we…

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