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SpaceX successfully launched a reusable rocket, now hungry for more government contracts – SARAH GRAY FRIDAY, APR 25, 2014 10:22 PM UTC

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SpaceX successfully launched a reusable rocket, now hungry for more government contracts

On April 18, SpaceX and NASA successfully launched the Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft to resupply the International Space Station. The launch marked the third SpaceX launchwith NASA, and the first successful “soft landing” of its reusable rocket booster.

A “soft landing” refers to the rocket booster’s controlled descent to Earth — after touching the edges of our atmosphere. “We have sensors on each individual leg [of the rocket],” SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said, according toTime. The rocket’s legs also have GPS units — together the data agrees that it landed softly. “If we recover it from the ocean it’ll probably take a couple of months to refurbish for flight,” Musk continued.

Recovery might be impossible or difficult, however, as the rocket landed during a storm, and Wired is reporting that it was lost to the sea. “We expect to get more and more precise…

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Did You Miss This: Awesome (Free) Theme Options

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Did you know, that of the 260 themes available on, 78 offer free options such as custom headers, colors schemes and palettes, and customizable layouts?

There are plenty of ways to make your blog your own without spending any money. Here’s just a few ideas to prime your creative pump.

The color choice is yours

Several themes, including Superhero, Writr, Spun, Panel, Zoren, Fontfolio, Twenty Thirteen, and Typo, offer free color palettes you can apply. Free color palettes are denoted by the “featured” flag across them in the Customizer. To activate a free color palette, go to Appearance → Customize. Here’s one of Typo‘s three free color palettes:

One of three free color palettes available for the Typo theme. One of three free color palettes available for the Typo theme.

If you’d like to combine a free custom header and color options, check out Vintage Camera

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Heartbleed Security Update

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Last week, a very serious bug in OpenSSL was disclosed.  OpenSSL, a set of open source tools to handle secure communication, is used by most Internet websites.  This bug, nicknamed Heartbleed, allowed an attacker to read sensitive information from vulnerable servers and possibly steal things like passwords, cookies, and encryption keys.

Was vulnerable to Heartbleed?

Yes. servers were running the latest version of OpenSSL, which was vulnerable. We generally run the latest version of OpenSSL to enable performance enhancements, such as SPDY, for our users. The non-vulnerable versions of OpenSSL were over two years old.

Has fixed the issue?

Yes. We patched all of our servers within a few hours of the public disclosure.

Has replaced all SSL certificates and private keys?

Yes. Out of an abundance of caution, we have replaced all of our SSL certificates, along with regenerating all of the associated…

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What Niche Bloggers Can Do to Attract Traffic

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As bloggers, we write about our passions and obsessions. Interested in Autism? Drawing? Cooking? Sobriety and recovery? Humor? No matter which subject you choose to write about, there’s a community of people on who share your interests. In today’s post, we’ll look at three ways niche bloggers can find their tribe, grow their communities, and attract traffic to their sites.

Tagging FTW

Tagging your posts is critical to finding your community. When you tag a post, you’re grouping it among posts on that same topic. When a user searches that tag in the Reader, your post will appear in the list of posts returned. Tagging puts you in front of new readers, expanding your reach to those who are interested in the same subjects.

As you tag, be sure to consider related topics. For example, if you blog about cooking exploits and…

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