I Want A Great Divorce

The divorce is a good thing. It’s taken a long time to get to the place to accept it
thank God

Seth Adam Smith

Wants Divorce I know a man who had a great divorce—one that blessed his life and the lives of others immeasurably. At the time, I didn’t quite understand it. But now I think I want a divorce like his.

Although my critics would love to hear that my wife and I are getting a divorce, this post isn’t about marriage. Sorry to disappoint. The divorce that I’m talking about is much deeper (and perhaps much more painful) than that.

In an attempt to explain this concept, C. S. Lewis wrote an allegorical story about the ghost of a man who had left hell to visit heaven. Lewis describes the ghost as “dark and oily” with a little red lizard perched on his shoulder. The lizard twitched “its tail like a whip” and whispered commands into the man’s ear. Occasionally, the man would snarl at the lizard and tell it to shut up…

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