Department of Redundancy Department

excellent article I’m guilty too.

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red Regeneration symbol Redundancy in writing occurs when a writer says the exact same thing twice and repeats herself. Repeat-symbol-icon1

While there are elegant uses of repetition, repetition that clarifies a point, repetition that emphasizes a point, and repetition that adds rhythm and euphony to a sentence, more often than not, repetition is used mistakenly to say the same thing again and again repetitively.

For instance, I try to go to sleep by twelve midnight and I like to eat my midday luncheon at twelve noon. In the morning, I’ve been writing the history of the life of Ellen Wasserman; in the afternoon, I take my young puppy for a walk by circling around the field.

One could say that circling around is one and the same. Personally, I think I would agree and have a consensus of opinion, but the purpose of this post is to demonstrate and show my readers how tiresome…

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